About Us

Iconicx believes in providing professional, comprehensive end-to-end solutions and can support any current or future project with the most credible and skilled staff in the industry. Our company’s success is attributed to the integration of our core values with outstanding client service. Our commitment to developing a unique set of tools to improve the customer experience, combined with high-quality critical facility services, draws new clients to The Iconicx Solution.

The Iconicx company model is to include the customer and technical operations staff as an integral member of the project. The interactive reporting system used in all of our services is built to support our mission of providing an accurate and efficient means of collecting and utilizing important information. This allows Iconicx to work closely with the client and give them the tools necessary to manage their project or facility to its maximum capabilities.

Stefanie Crichton, PMP, LEED AP, CxA

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Ms. Crichton has over 15 years of experience in project management and commissioning services. Prior to starting Iconicx, she worked on various engineering and construction projects for commercial and government clients, including Digital Realty, Compass Datacenters, CyrusOne, T. Rowe Price, Thomson Reuters, USAA, Western Union, Duke University, and the Pentagon Renovation.

Her involved and team approach to projects has allowed her success on complex and difficult assignments. As a mechanical engineer, Stefanie has the technical knowledge and ability to inform owners about making proper decisions. She is excited about establishing Iconicx as the premiere commissioning and testing provider with a company culture that values outstanding client service. 

Chris Benson, CxA

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Mr. Benson has over 15 years of experience working in critical facilities worldwide. He graduated from the California Maritime Academy as a Mechanical Engineer and held a Coast Guard 3rd Assistant Engineers License. The hands-on experiences that Mr. Benson had with shipboard systems allowed him to gain the skills needed to work in a variety of critical environments.

Following the Academy, he worked as a Project Engineer for a nuclear research facility ensuring uptime and reliability for laboratory operations. Mr. Benson then worked first as a Commissioning Engineer and later a Commissioning Manager for a large-scale consulting company, utilizing his reliability engineering skills and apply them to datacenters, hospitals and financial institutions. Since establishing Iconicx, he has had the freedom to reinvent the way information is collected, archived and displayed to better suit the client’s current and future needs. He is dedicated to establishing a company that allows an elite team of engineers to grow and utilize their unique set of skills.

The Solution

Commissioning is a systematic series of steps to ensure that the equipment and systems have been installed properly and will function in accordance with the equipment specifications established for the project. We perform all levels of commissioning, from design reviews, to factory witness testing, functional and integrated testing, as well as post-occupancy training and warranty checkups.

Iconicx has developed a program to streamline the testing and data collection process during commissioning. This program utilizes digital forms that enable the field engineers to collect, organize and display their results faster than any prior method.

Data, punch lists, status updates and critical acceptance criteria are uploaded to a user-friendly online dashboard. This allows the customers to see outcomes faster and make critical project decisions using the most up to date information. Iconicx has set themselves apart by having in-house resources dedicated to ensuring that information is passed along accurately and efficiently.

Iconicx continues its support of critical facilities following the commissioning phase. We establish a program best suited for the customer’s specific needs and deliver it on a recurring basis to continuously enhance the site conditions, reliability and awareness of the operations staff

Services can include training facilities staff, implementing companywide operational directives, infrared scanning, asset tracking with site and industry comparisons and equipment benchmarking. Improve your site’s level of excellence by utilizing The Continuous Enhancement Solution.

Iconicx covers a special niche over the lifespan of equipment supporting critical facilities. We understand the unique challenges as live critical equipment gets close to the end of its lifecycle. Iconicx has prepared a phased program to take equipment replacement from inception to completion while maintaining uptime and minimizing the risk to the project team.

Our engineers and project managers are well versed in providing the expertise needed to foresee problems and assist with a team solution. Minimize the risk of failures within your facility with the proven approach and matched skillset of The Equipment Replacement Solution.

Our Customers

What They Are Saying?

"Good flexibility and willing to do what it takes to complete projects – Great job working through issues!"

Digital Realty

"There is truly no way I could express to you how impressed I was."


"Turnover of documentation and real time reporting is best in class for a commissioning company."

The Dashboard

Access up to the minute status of your Iconicx Critical Solutions projects through our customized web dashboard. For owners and operators of a facility, key project information is available in a variety of formats. For contractors and vendors, punch lists and documentation can be accessed 24/7/365.


Iconicx Critical Solutions recognizes that our employees are our greatest asset. Our management team strives to create an environment that fosters communication, encourages personal development and values a positive attitude.

Tools and resources that make life at Iconicx easier.

A thorough personal development program that starts on day one.

An emphasis on efficient and effective communication skills.

Company culture that promotes a healthy work/life balance.